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How To Spring Clean Fast - Tips For Working People
12Nov 2014
How To Spring Clean Fast - Tips For Working PeopleIs it time for spring cleaning but you are too wrapped up with work and life to spare a Sunday? Is your hectic lifestyle beginning to show on the state of your home? You can always hire a cleaning agency to send you professional cleaners to tidy up things for you, but that is probably going to cost you a lot of money. If you want to be economical and get your house clean at the same time, you should follow some of these tips below to build a quick and easy routine. These domestic cleaning tips are also useful if you need to fast clean a particular area of the house, especially when you are expecting guests or in similar emergencies.•    Never let the cleaning chores pile up. The easiest way to make sure that the mess does not get out of hand is to clean as you go. If you are waiting for the microwave to heat your food or talking on the phone with your friend, look around the house for small cleaning jobs that can be easily taken care of, like wipe the kitchen top or organize the bedside table.•    Break the job into smaller parts. Handle each room at one time, and clean in one direction – right to left and top to bottom. This way you will take less time to clean each room and you will be sure that no area has been missed. •    Bring your family or housemates in on the mission. Make sure they clean what they use and put things back where they picked it from. This ensures that there is less mess to tidy up. On cleaning day, assign chores to everyone in the house.•    Store your cleaning products and brushes in a plastic carryall so that you can easily carry them with you from room to room. This saves trouble on having to go back every time to get the things you need.•    Hang a plastic grocery bag on the door knob of each room when you enter to clean it. Put all trash you collect in it and dispose of it in the bin later.•    If you are hard pressed for time, always consider vacuuming to sweeping the floors and stairs. Follow it up with a quick mop, if possible, or clean some of the surfaces with a damp cloth.•    If you don’t have time for intensive kitchen/oven cleaning, remove spots and grease from the oven by soaking a sponge in some baking soda solution and giving the grime-stained interior, greasy handle, stove-top and glass door a  swipe. •    Discard leftovers or expired items from the fridge. If you notice that your fridge is stinking, place some piece of charcoal or baking soda in perforated cups in each of the shelves to absorb the smell. •    If you need to take care of unpleasant smells, spray some air freshener in the room or for a more natural scent, put some drops of vanilla essence in a half a cup of water and put it in microwave for 30-60 seconds. After some time, leave the door open and let the aroma fill the entire house.•    Always leave the kitchen and bathroom for the last. You are likely to keep your cleaning supplies in either of these areas and will probably use the sink or counter to refill cleaning solutions or wash your hands. This may leave stains and spots on the counter top or sink. Therefore, address these areas just before you finish your cleaning routine.

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