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How Do You Make Your Cleaning A More Dynamic Process?
11Apr 2014
How Do You Make Your Cleaning A More Dynamic Process?Cleaning is a real challenge, and not because the actual cleaning is hard, more because human are extremely fickle creatures, and the concentration required to do quite such a mindless job, for what seems like an eternity is really rather a strain! You will find however, that if you can change your outlook on the whole thing, you are much better placed to do a great job, time after time. In fact, the likelihood with which you will be able to clean effectively due to a change in thinking will be vastly greater than a simple technique tip. The aim is efficiency, and getting there requires sitting down and thinking about the way in which you clean, and what exactly it is about the cleaning that you need to improve. Perhaps you feel like you don’t clean often enough, or when you do clean, it is not that effective. There are various things that can be improved, and a starting leg up can be all that you need really...To begin with, ensure that your cleaning ability is at the best it can be. You may well spend half the time that you are vacuuming grappling with the vacuum cleaner itself - up and down stairs, getting the wires untangled, trying to get it into the smaller areas in the house. You should have equipment that suits your home, so if your vacuum cleaner is too bulky or heavy, then why not look at getting a small, cordless but powerful version instead? It may completely change the way in which you clean! This applies to all things that you use around the house, they should fit everywhere, and be able to do everything without you spending too much effort on the tasks at hand, the tools are there to help, not be cumbersome and annoying. Having the right equipment will speed things up, as will preventing distraction. Getting sidetracked by things that distract you is the number one way to ensure that you are not getting things done effectively. You will find that the main cause of distraction comes in how your brain is only half needing to focus on the job at hand, because it takes little thinking about. Cleaning is not a difficult or immersive process, it requires little thinking, and a lot of concentration, just to keep concentrating! To keep yourself focused, distract yourself positively with music or an audio book, or even the radio, so that you are content to just get on with whatever it is that you need to get done. It is essential that whatever you listen to is something that really grabs your attention, rather than just being background noise, as otherwise, you will still drift off and think about other stuff.Try to clean more regularly. The more often you clean, the smaller the job becomes each time. You will find that the resulting cleaning process becomes much more a situation of getting little bits and pieces done in and around your day to day, rather than setting aside time to do boring cleaning jobs and the like. It is difficult to get to this stage, but it is excellent to do so, as it really does reduce the weight and terror that the cleaning can fill you with! If you can make the cleaning process one of improved efficiency, speed and accuracy, then you are on the right track to having a beautiful home at all times.

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